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Diana, the Huntress, Gaston Casimir Saint-Pierre, 1833-1916, oil on canvas

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There isn’t any meaning behind my URL. I just wanted a new URL, and this guys username on League was this, so I stole it.
The last time I cried was a few days ago I think. I don’t really remember why, but probably just me over thinking about life and what not.

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How anxiety works:
  • Person: you're loud
  • Anxiety: you're annoying, a worthless piece of shit to the human race.
  • Person: you're quiet
  • Anxiety: speak the fuck up you shy ass little whore.
  • Person: you failed the math test? Bummer.
  • Anxiety: you dumbass,you'll never get anywhere in life. Kill yourself.
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Flower Garden - ghibli mix
A mix for songs from Studio Ghibli put in one place
1. Kaze Ni Naru | The Cat Returns //2. Laputa Theme | Laputa: Castle in the Sky // 3. Love is a Flower, You are the Seed | Only Yesterday // 4. Teru No Uta | Tales from Earthsea // 5. Flower Garden | Howl’s Moving Castle // 6. Haru No Omoide | The Cat Returns // 7. The Days That’ll Never Come | Porco Rosso // 8. One Summer Day | Spirited Away // 9. Grave of the Fireflies Ending Theme | Grave of the Fireflies // 10. Fire Treasure | Castle Of Cagliostro // 11. With You | The Secret World of Arrietty // 12. Sayonara No Natsu | From Up on Poppyhill // 13. A Town with an Ocean View | Kiki’s Delivery Service // 14. Kaze No Tani No Nausicaa | Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind // 15. Gake No Ue no Ponyo | Ponyo on the Cliff // 16. Sanpo | My Neighbor Totoro // 17. Sakuranbo No Minoru Koro | Porco Rosso // 18. Kuchu Sanpo | Howl’s Moving Castle // 18. Itsumo Nando (piano) | Spirited Away // 19. Princess Mononoke’s Theme | Princess Mononoke // 20. Arrietty’s Song | The Secret World of Arriettty

[ Listen  Here ] [ screen cap ]

look!!! This is good and nice and distracting from scary thoughts:)


yeah sometimes i wish i still went to normal school just because i want to have to get dressed for a reason but i have no reason to get dressed. so i don’t get dressed. and i can’t show off my cool clothes anymore.

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*txts back 20 days later & picks up the conversation where we left off as if no time has passed and without an excuse*

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"She’s mad, but she’s magic."Charles Bukowski (via dirtydamsel)

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